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'56 Thompson Sea Coaster February 2010

Feb 2010 Photo's, Phase I. For Chronological Pics, Scroll Down and See Phase II, and III!

First Water Test-August 2014-SUCCESS!

Looks solid and interior does not seem to have rot.

Top Deck Replacement not a Dealbreaker...

Can I be saved?

How great would a new topdeck look?

Hull on Rollers...can't tell if there are dents

Stern/Transom makes me nervous, but seems solid

Replace my topdeck!

Replace my rails!

Bow storage, clean and dry despite topdeck..

Midships stringers are solid.

Flaking of Stain...not wood.

Plywood covering stern stringers, but now removed

Johnson Controls with Box/Cables All Kept and Will be Restored

My Buddy Steve

The End-of the Beginning? Or Truly the End-Can She be Saved?

Next Step,on Feb. 13 Delivered to Thad P. a Pro Boatbuilder and His Take: "She's in Better Shape Than Anticipated!"

Feb 20 at Her New Home at Thad's in Marblehead with Windshield Removed

Feb 20, Top Deck and Rotten Rails Removed-Need to Remove Sheerstrakes Next

Sheerstrakes Removed and All Hardware Finally Out-March 15

Notice Rope Tied on Inside/Gunwale to Keep Shape

Topdeck Center Piece Needs a Little Help (center/top in pic) But Rest of Boards Solid!

Preparing Mahogany Pieces-Coarse Sanded the old Bad Stain-What a Difference!

Top Piece in Pic is old Backrest of Front Seat-Bottom is the Backseat "fishing bench" coarse sanded-Nice red/pink hues!

Next three pics show good progress with coarse, medium, then 220 grit...still not glass-flat. More work to do!

All mahogany including windshield, fishing seat, captains bench and backrest, stern, top deck centerboard, dash and storage box are awaiting a complete overhaul by expert furniture maker Vin Zuccala of Manchester, NH.  If i stripped and sanded, he would finish sand and do the rest...wait until you see the pictures of work done so far.  Better than new!

April 3-The next few photos show that all Mahogany pieces have been heat/scraped/60G sanded.

Thad's newly-cut sheerstrakes can go in soon! Note new marine plywood in the background, top center.

Next up, heat/scrape/sand the inside transom,  heat/scrape the hull and remove all paint, flip her, and do the same to the bottom.  Once that's done, will move back to the inside to heat/scrape/sand the ribs, etc.  When I flip her, the trailer will go to Tommy's at EC to get sandblasted and primed!

The Next Few Pics Show Items That Were Recently Sent to Chromemasters in LA.

The rest of the chrome pieces are in great shape and don't need rechroming

Steering Wheel Hub

Steambox, Water Tank, and Gas For the Rubrail

Steambox Elevated For Best Results

Thad Lining up Steamed and Bent Rails...

Notice also, the brand new sheer strakes were installed along both sides, which also allowed Thad to bolt the stern corners square again.  Progress is sweet after so much tearing, sanding, and stripping.  Lots more to go.

The Artist Himself-Thad Danielson Clamping the Steamed Rubrail

Another View of Thad and Clamps-Next Up, the Deck!