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    Please note, games times for this week will be uploaded as soon as possible (scheduler is giving us a bit of a time right now).  To make up for last Thursday's games, all teams will play in a double elimination tourney over two days to determine the league Champion.  This is different than in year's past, where only top teams made playoffs in a single elimination format, and were done. 
    This year's double elimination games are short-25 minute high speed, highly skilled bouts beginning on Tuesday night.  Each WINNING team and LOSING team enters a secondary winner/loser bracket and have the opportunity to advance into Thursday evening's semfinal, and finals Championship.   Please check by refreshing the homepage thru Monday evening.  Again, we are experiencing difficulties in loading the schedule, and we have been working with NGIN support staff to remedy the issue.

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    Trusted Coaches and Parents Program

    Coaches with North Shore Lacrosse are carefully chosen based on many qualifications including but not limited to the level of communication skills, maturity, and of course, ability.  We support only those who exhibit professionalism expected, support sportsmanship, and maintain a fun learning environment.  A mentorship program exists within our structure where younger men and women can apply for an opportunity to learn how to organize and administer a quality program.  Many of those coaches you see have moved into more trusted positions of directing our off season sessions, and have a duty to perform in a manner that maintains a safe and enjoyable playing experience.  In reading our CODE OF CONDUCT, you will see all staff, coaches, players, and parents are to work together in support of the overall experience.  All stakeholders involved with North Shore Lacrosse are expected to exhibit concerns pertaining to any incident or observation that may violate the code of conduct.